Celebrating the Life of Lemmy | This Week in Music History

On December 24th, 1945, Ian Fraser Kilmister aka “Lemmy” was born. With his signature look of mutton chops and military-influenced fashion, plus his gravelly rasp Lemmy became an icon in music. He has even been declared as “one of the most recognizable voices in rock”. He was influenced by the early works of the Beatles and began playing in his own rock groups in the 60s. He even worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix in the 70s. He also joined his first band Hawkwind, but his appetite for amphetamines and LSD got him fired in 1975. However, he wasn’t down for long because that same year he founded Motörhead. The band hit their peak in the 80s, especially after the success of “Ace of Spades”, their biggest singles. Lemmy rocked with the band and even toured until his death on December 28th, 2015. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer just two days before his death. Lemmy is one of the most influential people in the rock and roll and metal scene. Even Dave Grohl said, “F&$# Elvis and Keith Richards, Lemmy’s the king of rock ‘n’ roll… a living, breathing, drinking and snorting f****** legend. No one else comes close.” We honor this legend with this week in music history.

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