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Kelsey’s Waldon “Anyhow” from her album ‘White Noise/White Lines’, Official Music Video
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“Anyhow” (Lyrics)

When the sun sinks down and dreams start to drown
And you still don’t know who you are Workin’ the ground, pace like a dog in a pound
And you still only get so far And I’d do it again, even if I didn’t know how…

I’d learn how to make my own fire burn to be knowin’ is to know how
I’d find how to make my own sun shine to be knowin’ what I know now
I’d do it anyhow I’d do it anyhow

When the moon hangs low and you still don’t know where you’re gonna be tomorrow
Maybe ride it out, take the long way around
Don’t have to beg, steal or borrow
You just do it again, ‘cause when you need it, you find out how

Even if you didn’t know how to make the air move you’re gonna make that wind blow somehow
Even if the world crumbles at your feet
You’re gonna pick up that earth somehow
And you know that now
You do it anyhow

To be knowing is to know how, there’s no turning back now
Keep your nose on the grindstone, and you’re hand on the plow
And do it anyhow, do it anyhow

When the fire burns low and the ash starts to glow
And a flame can’t kill the sorrow
Maybe ride it out, take the long way around
Don’t have to beg, steal or borrow

With four critically-acclaimed albums under her belt, Kelsey Waldon has forged a strong presence in the Country and Americana scene. Her uncut lyricism and natural country sensibility recall her upbringing in Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky. After moving to Nashville, she cultivated a loyal following through frequent touring across the U.S. and two critically acclaimed albums. Her persistence paid off when, on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, John Prine invited Kelsey to join his Oh Boy Records family. In 2019, Kelsey released White Noise / White Lines on Prine’s Oh Boy Records. An unflinching work that details Waldon’s life, hopes, and pains, the album earned her a nomination for the Emerging Act of the Year Award at the 2020 Americana Awards.

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