What Happened to Gram Parsons’ Body? | Music’s Greatest Mysteries

His body was stolen, burned, and buried far away. Why? Get a sneak peek above and don’t miss the full episode of Music’s Greatest Mysteries.

Before Gram Parsons’ death, he attended of another friend with his road manager, Phil Kaufman. There was no music, it was somber, and Parsons hated it. So Parsons and Kaufman made a pact, if anything happened to him, Kaufman was to take his body to Joshua Tree, “have a few beers and send me (Parsons) into the atmosphere.” So Phil Kaufman took matters into his own hands and the coffin was stolen from Los Angeles International Airport and he burned it in Joshua Tree just like Parsons had requested. There was only one problem, Parsons’ family had planned a New Orleans burial even though Parsons never lived in Louisiana, in order to try and get their hands on a major inheritance. We investigate the misunderstanding in Louisiana law and Parsons’ death on Music’s Greatest Mysteries.
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